Rajiv Shah

Using the Fuji X-H1 for events

A dear friend asked if I would photograph an event. I am not an event photographer and I could not say no. My concern was will the camera be up to shooting events and have I got the right lenses for photographing an event? 

I had three lenses: my favourite 16mm F1.4, 35mm F2 and 50mm F2. After doing a quick test at the event with the 16mm I decided it was not the right lens for this event. I used the 50mm the most and took a few shots with the 35mm. The only thing that would be nice to have was a second body.

How was the X-H1?

Fantastic! It is a very underrated camera and that is a shame. The camera is great to handle and it is very quiet. It is not that big—a few people exaggerate that fact. Yes, I missed focus sometimes but once I figured out a method for the event I was getting better.

I shot in Acros at 800 iso and above with the aperture at F2 for most of the time. I decided I was going to use jpegs from the camera. In the end, I processed the raw files again with Fuji X RAW STUDIO because I need to change the aspect ratio back to 3:2. I then used Capture One 12 to adjust levels for a few images and output the files for print.

I did not need any other lenses—a second body would have been nice.

This article was updated on 28 February 2019